Flowers for the Dead: How to Do It

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When we think of the dead, we are always accustomed to seeing floral arrangements in their memorial. Thoughtful as it may seem, sending flowers depends on the bereaved family’s custom and traditions. Moreover, there are occasions when a family specifically asks for donations in place for floral arrangements. 

But, how does a family or a person send flowers to the bereaved? Moreover, what flowers do you choose for this particular occasion? Read on more to find out. 

Flowers for the Dead: What does it Signify? 

Traditionally, flowers are a symbolic representation of bloom, growth, movement and new life. When we see the deceased adorn with flowers, there’s a warm and homey feeling that people associate with the environment. Through floral arrangements, the bereaved family feels comforted and supported. 

Nowadays, flowers for funerals aren’t mandatory. However, it has become a person’s way of expressing care and thoughtfulness to the bereaved family. Plus, with the availability of flowers from your local florist, it has become more convenient for people to send loving thoughts and gifts to the bereaved. 

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Popular Floral Arrangements: What to Pick?

There are a lot of arrangements that one can pick for the family of the bereaved. Here are different types to which you can choose from. 

Picking the Right Flowers to Put Together: Which Flowers to Choose?

If you plan to give a floral arrangement for the bereaved, there are actually a variety of choices you can have. There’s no unwritten rule for limitations but there are flowers that have to mean that you can use to express your comfort and love. Here are the flowers you can choose from. 


Not the Right Venue for Flowers: When not to Send Flowers?

There are occurrences when your gift of flowers is inappropriate. One of those situations is when a family specifically asked for donations instead of flowers. Another situation is when a bereaved is of the Jewish religion. They require burial to be done within three days and because of this, condolence flowers aren’t needed. 

As for Islam, flowers aren’t required but it isn’t forbidden too. Some people can choose to send flowers or not at all. For Buddhist funerals, flowers of yellow and white bloom are accepted. But, not of red ones. 


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