Funeral Service Goes Digital: Learn How It Can Help The Business

Posted on: Dec 16, 2018 Publish By: funerallink

When the internet and social media are becoming a norm in every Filipino household, it is the perfect time to have an online presence for your funeral services. Don’t be left behind.

The Philippines has remained the leader in the most social media subscribers. Almost half of the population (47%) has an account on either Facebook or Instagram – some people have both. Ages 20 – 29 years old are the most active on social media platforms.

According to a survey, an average Filipino spends at least 3 hours and 57 minutes per day online which is the highest all over the world. Most of them use a mobile phone to access the internet. The same survey showed that 87% of the adult Filipinos have mobile phones, in which 29% of them are searching or buying products and services online.

To be part of this revolution, position your funeral service business and be at the top of the competition by getting ahead.

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Learn how digital marketing can help your funeral home business:


Young people especially the millennials love the convenience of the internet. These days, you can buy almost everything online from food, clothing, transportation and even sending flowers. Even the Philippine government is adapting to this trend by adding online payments and bookings to their system. Funerallink, for example, offers this kind of convenience to your funeral home business.


Creating a website for your business is a major milestone, however, it is time-consuming and can be expensive. Not to mention the regular website maintenance and making sure your website is secure. Additionally, running an online marketing campaign requires manpower and skills. But then again, digital marketing is way cheaper than the traditional way. Another advantage of being online is that you can hyper-focus your market and allows you to see the data in real time allowing you to adjust when necessary saving you a lot of money.


To reach out to half of the population in the country, digital is the simplest and cost-effective way to do it. Especially the millennials who love searching online, talking to them online is so much easier than in any other medium.

Funerallink is the only and the first platform in the Philippines that caters to the funeral funerals. Its mission is to help you market your business online.

Advantages of listing your business at Funerallink:

No overhead cost.

You don’t have to create your own website or hire people to manage your social media. Funerallink has an amazing team that will take care of everything. It has created a technical team who oversees the website management making sure that it is user-friendly and secure.

Easy process.

Listing your business doesn’t take any special skills. Simply go to this link and fill out the necessary information. If you don’t have time to do it, no problem. Go to this page instead, and the Funerallink team will do the rest for you.

Online marketing.

Funerallink has a brilliant marketing team that works day and night. They are checking all the data to improve your web presence. They are very proactive in the digital world learning all the tricks and trends. This team does not only take care of your online presence but also make sure you are visible on social media. You don’t have to understand the metrics, algorithms and all the fancy technical terms. Funerallink has your back already.

Lowest commission.

Listing your business at Funerallink is 100% FREE. The platform doesn’t take any penny until you get your first potential customer. Once a customer booked a service to you via Funerallink, you can choose to purchase some points that will allow you to see your customer’s information. This is an equivalent to 2 – 5% of your funeral service booked. That’s a 50% savings if you are paying 10% to your agents.

Real-time notification.

Once a customer booked a funeral service, you will get notified right away. Funerallink will send both text messages and email in real-time. You will never miss a customer ever again. Just pick up the phone and talk to your customer.

There is an estimated of 1,895 death per day in the Philippines according to the World Population Review website. Be the first funeral service to keep in touch with the family to help them with funeral service for their deceased loved one.

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