Holiday Season: How to Cope Grief on Christmas

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Christmas is supposed to be all about parties, family gatherings, and high school reunion. It’s the happiest time of the year when everyone takes a time off from work and students have a short school vacation to celebrate Christmas as well as New Year’s Day.

In the Philippines, Christmas season starts on September 1st. The malls, offices and the streets are starting to light up with decors and lights. Jose Mari Chan’s famous song, Christmas in Our Hearts, is played in every radio station. Event venues are filling up and countless party invitations.

Everyone’s getting ready for the biggest and the most important holiday in the country. Children are excited about their gifts. Family members and relatives who are living overseas are starting to arrive. It is indeed the most exciting day of the year.

As happy as it sounds, nobody can ever predict or stop death from coming to our lives. It will come in the least expected even on Christmas. The joyful holiday will turn upside-down; happiness will turn into grief, sadness, and loss. This is the toughest and perhaps, the biggest trial you’ll ever face in your lifetime. Christmas will never be the same again.

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How to Cope Grief on Christmas:

  1. Let yourself to feel sad and remember the deceased loved one.
  2. For the last time, do the things that you do together even now that you will do it alone.
  3. Visit the places that you used to go together but you can invite someone to go with you.
  4. Share some of the memories to others. Talk about the quirkiest moment you had with this person.
  5. Write a letter to that person allowing to let go of your emotion and tell the things you’ve always wanted to tell to that person.

It’s okay to have fun.

You might have lost someone dear to you but it doesn’t mean you also lost your right to enjoy the holiday. Going to parties, exchanging gifts with the family, eating out, or going to the beach is a perfect diversion and is actually alright.

Each person has their own way of coping with grief. Some people take months while others take a year, one thing to remember is you need to take care of yourself. You need to continue your life while keeping the memories of your deceased loved one alive in your heart.

It’s okay to get some sleep.

Instead of attending parties, you will be meeting well-wishers. In the Philippines, viewing can take three days to a week. Oftentimes, it will drain your energy. You don’t have to be there every single time a visitor comes. Take a time off and sleep.

It’s okay to stick to your healthy diet.

This is the time when you need to stick to your diet healthy. You will be showered with mixed emotions and difficult to think straight. What you can do is try not to splurge on high-sugar foods such as chocolate and cakes. Yogurt, low-sugar dark chocolate, and Omega-3 rich food are excellent during this time. Green tea is a perfect drink to have. It will help you relax. These food and drink are known to have happy-enzymes. Thus, helping you to be in control of your emotions.

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It’s okay to be with family and friends.

Welcome your family and friends when they want to spend time with you. Go out and enjoy the moment with them. They are all that you have right now. Your family and friends are your strong foundation. Pretty sure, they are very much willing to lend their shoulder for you to cry on.

When someone in the family passed away on Christmas, everything is going to change. The holiday vacation that you have been planning might be canceled. Death is inevitable. In order for you to have more time with your family, and to have a hassle-free funeral service, you may check out Funerallink. You can choose the best funeral home nearest you and that fits your budget.

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