How to Select a Bike for Daily Commute

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unique challenges to the global community. As a means of flattening the curve, establishments were temporarily closed. Mass gatherings were discouraged, and the government imposed a quarantine period.

Now that the “new normal” has graced the country, Filipinos are becoming more creative in finding ways to cope up with transportation woes. If you want to try biking to work, we’ve got some helpful tips for you to select the best bicycle fit for your needs.

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Taking a Look at the Wheels

Most people assume that a bike has the same set of wheels. However, a wider tire is built for rough terrain. A Filipino commuter typically utilizes wide tires (with a width of 1.5 inches and more).

The primary reason for such is the presence of debris and the changing texture of the road. If your route is filled with uneven roads, cracked pavements and road debris, going for a tire of 1.5 inch wide is a great option.

Your Height Determines the Size

Another factor for selecting your next ride is your height. When choosing, make sure that you can control the bike and, at the same sit comfortably in it. After all, if you’re commuting for extended periods, you don’t need a bike that’s too cramped or too big for you to handle.

Geometry Isn’t Just a Math Thing

No, we’re not talking about a dreaded subject. In fact, when choosing a bike geometry matters as it influences your sitting position. A relaxed geometrical shape brings comfort and a laid-back position when cycling. The most common examples of relaxed geometrical bikes are granny bikes and folding bikes. However, those who want to sit upright for more control will have to rely on mountain bikes.

Route Check

Does your route to work deal with road bumps and other road nuisances? If it does, picking a bicycle with multiple gears will make your ride easier and comfortable. Just a note, however, that having many gears raise the price of a bike.

On the other hand, if your route is what we consider as “smooth sailing,” maybe a speed bike, a granny bike or a folding bike will do. For this aspect of decision-making, it is best to assess the long-term usability of the bike.

Multiple Transportation Points

There are instances when those who purchase a bike use it to get from one point to another. Let’s say that your office is located where access to transportation modes like buses, jeeps, and PUVs aren’t feasible. The last resort is to walk from a particular stop area to your office. In this case, some would opt to bike to quickly get to their destination.

If this is the situation you’re facing, it’s crucial to assess whether you’ll take one transportation mode to another and then use your bicycle. Going multi-modal calls for the compact and lightweight foldable bikes.

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Bringing Some Cargo

Are you the type to bring supplies with you while riding a bike? Or are you the kind to stuff items in your backpack? Either way, there’s no wrong option in riding a bike with some cargo in it. You can purchase a granny bicycle with a built-in basket for your cargo needs.

If you have an existing bicycle, you can always purchase ready to install baskets or clip-on racks for added convenience.

Money Matters

Last but not least, having a specific budget for a bike makes your decision-making easier and more practical. Remember to assess your needs (by evaluating it through the mentioned criteria above) and arrange a budget where it won’t hurt your pocket.

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