Life Lessons We Learn During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Throughout the surge and the fear which Covid-19 brought, people have come to various realizations. These realizations paved the way for people to learn life lessons usually forsaken until a disaster like this strikes. There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic shocked the world when it comes to preparedness and prevention.

As we continue to battle such a horrific medical nightmare, there are life nuggets of wisdom that this situation endowed upon us through the hardest way possible. Here are our top picks of life lessons we learned from the pandemic.

Coronavirus Medical People

Our Medical Capacities are Limited

Hospitals and our medical staff are struggling to keep afloat through this horrendous ordeal. Some were unfortunate to meet their demise while keeping their oath of service. This just goes to show that no matter how prosperous the economy is, when its priorities aren’t set on what’s essential, everything is bound to go downhill.

Offices and Classrooms Have Become a Social Construct

The new normal involves social distancing despite tasks interconnectivity and interdependence. Offices are functioning despite the remote working arrangements and classes have become modular as to fit the new norm. Some are more productive while being at home, while others become procrastinators. Because of this, we have learned that employers should take consideration in flexible working plans, and teachers should strategize new means for active learning.

policies coronavirus

Policies are Nothing When People Don’t Have Discipline

Upon enforcing the home quarantine for a specific period, some people were hard-headed as they continue to roam around and does not even consider the gravity of the situation. While others are quick to follow quarantine policies, some are being carefree, which causes the condition to worsen.

The Law is Flexible for Those in Power

When it comes to being law-abiding citizens, people in the seat of power aren’t as “lawful” as we’d like them to be. Some are using their authority and privilege to obtain and do acts that are harmful towards everyone’s welfare, and the community can’t do about it because, in the end, justice isn’t rightfully served.

Financial Preparedness is a Must

As some financial advisors would highly-recommend, it doesn’t matter how much you earn. It’s always about how much you save—saving financial resources for emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic shelters you and your family from the uncertainties of food supplies, medical expenses and miscellaneous fees.

insurance life plan

Life Plans and Insurances are Crucial

Aside from saving for a retirement fund, a person needs to invest in a life plan or insurance. Let’s face it. Funeral expenses are expensive. If you want to relieve your family from the burden of paying for this life event, a life plan or insurance can help.

Now that we’ve discovered or learned these lessons, are we capable of remembering this not only for today but for the future as well? What lessons have you learned aside from what we compiled above? Share your thoughts with us through the comments section below.



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