Making One of Life’s Hardest Decisions: Saying Goodbye to a Pet

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A pet is like a furry angel sent to this world to guide us and provide us with warmth, comfort, and unconditional love. However, to our dismay, their lives are unbearably shorter than ours – forcing us to face the tragic occurrence of their demise.

Opting for euthanasia is the most common option for pet owners who see their pet’s struggle when their body wears down. Ageing concerns make a pet who loves life and adventure curl in pain and sickness. Despite the lonely resolution that a pet owner has to fulfil, saying goodbye will always be one of the most hurtful times in a person’s life.

euthanasia on pets

Before Making the Decision: What To Check First

When you think your pet is suffering from an incurable disease or is slowly succumbing to ageing challenges, you need to make an appointment with your veterinarian first. The veterinarian will use an assessment checklist called “quality of life index.” This index checks out numerous criteria for evaluating the life of terminally-ill or senior pets.

Otherwise known as the “HHHHHMM Scale,” it assesses the Hurt, Hunger, Hydration, Hygiene, Happiness, Mobility, and More good days than the bad aspect of a pet’s life. With each aspect, an owner rates it with a score of one to ten. A score of ten being the most ideal for a pet’s life. As provided by this scale, a score of 35 and up is an acceptable quality of life.

During this assessment, your veterinarian will also discuss treatment options and outcomes of the mentioned alternatives. So, be prepared to understand the cost of treatment. After gathering all information you need, you have to discuss the truth with your family.

Making the Decision: Letting Your Beloved Pet Go in Peace

If the scores for the HHHHHMM scale isn’t favourable, along with overwhelming expenses your family has to pay, it can be tough to decide on euthanasia. With the help of modern medicine, euthanasia is a quick and painless process for your pet.

During this time, make sure you and your family have a chance to say goodbye to your pet. A playdate or a long ride on the car (if your pet loves it) is ideal. Just be mindful of the medical conditions he’s experiencing.

Euthanasia can be done at home or the veterinarian’s office. If your dog has formed a bond with your vet and doesn’t fear going to the vet’s office, it can be a good opportunity for the vet to say goodbye as well. However, if this isn’t a great idea, the home is a rightful place for a dog to pass.

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One word of advice for pet owners is to stay during the entire process. Yes, it can be unbearable, but please do it for your pet. He’s already having a hard time with his health, and you have to show them your love all the way.

As you witness your pet pass on, know that you have given them all the love you can give in this world. Don’t shy away from expressing your grief. You can keep their dog tags as a memento of your bonding and friendship in this world.



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