Shopping in the New Normal: What To Do

Posted on: Jun 7, 2020 Publish By: funerallink
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As most cities and towns were relieved from the enhanced community quarantine status, people have the freedom now to continue their transactions under the “new normal.” They can go to malls, freely jog around, and what others would typically do when given the freedom to continue with their lives.

However, as the persistent cases of Covid-19 continue to bring fear and worry for people, many are wondering how you can go around with your tasks without contracting the virus? With this mini-guide, we’re going to tackle how you can ensure minimal risks and safety despite being outside of your home.

Always Practice Social Distancing

No matter where you go, in the banks, at ATM booths, to the drugstore, and among others, always minimize physical interaction with people around you. As a precaution, always remember the 6-feet rule. Follow the rules of queuing whenever you’re inside a shop as most organizations have markers set as compliance with local ordinances.

Face Mask Shopping

Wear Face Masks

Since the Covid-19 virus’s point of entry is either through the nose, the eyes, or the mouth, wearing a face mask minimizes the risks of contracting the disease. Wearing a face mask is also in compliance with local ordinances being implemented nowadays. So, if you don’t want to get in trouble for not having a mask on and you don’t want to get infected, wear a mask before leaving your home.

Go Cashless

The integration of technology made it possible for wireless transfers and secure banking nowadays. If you have mobile apps that can be utilized for cashless payments, use it. However, as a note, be wary when linking your banks to these apps. Be careful of providing your OTP (one-time pin) and other details that may lead to phishing.

Cashless Shopping

Opting for Pick-up or Deliveries

The “new normal” challenged many business owners to make their services and products closer and safer to their customers. Because of this, some transport or motorcycle-hailing errand drivers have taken the courage to deliver goods, medicines, and foods to its beloved customers.

If you have one in the area, you can contact them to transact for you. Or, if it can’t be helped, ask for a pick-up option from your preferred shops wherein you can just drive to their location and pay for the goods you need.

Shop Smart

Whenever you go shopping, prepare ahead on where you’ll buy and what shop’s you intend on visiting. List all of the things you need instead of wandering. You can never tell what kind of risk you’re facing the longer you are outside. Consolidate your family’s shopping list and go to shopping centers when it’s not peak days or hours.

As life transitions into the new normal, we must exercise vigilance and increased hygienic measures. If possible, bring hand sanitizers with you at all times. Sanitize your hands upon touching a surface for increased protection. And, don’t forget to strengthen your immunity by practicing a healthy lifestyle, eating balanced nutrition, and washing your hands.


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