Small Businesses You Can Start This Pandemic

Posted on: Aug 19, 2020 Publish By: funerallink
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The Philippine economy went downhill as the transmission of coronavirus progressed. As a safety precaution, the local government urged everyone to stay indoors and put themselves on quarantine for months. Because of this action, the economy plummeted.

Small businesses and laborers were forced to tolerate hunger as the establishments were mandated to close. If not, minimize the number of employees working. As such, people are looking for ways to earn income because their primary means of making have been trampled.

To ignite a few ideas and possibly guide you, we compiled these not-so-difficult startups you can try.

Delivery Services

Since everyone is encouraged to stay inside their homes, especially if they don’t have essential transactions, providing delivery services have been a booming source of income for others.

If you have a vehicle or a motorcycle, you can ask your neighbors or other members of the community that you can run their errands for them at a fee. Senior members of the community and those who can’t leave their children would find your services very helpful.

baked meals

Selling Home-Cooked Meals

With the help of social media, you can take photos of your baked goodies and other delicious meals and advertise it for sale. You can also add in a fee for delivery service. For people on the go, you can try offering your home-cooked meals for a small amount!

You can even copy big fast-food chains by providing delivery scheme and letting your customers order through social media or other communication channels. If you have impeccable cooking skills, you can sell home-cooked goodness to your neighbors.

Sew Made-to-Order or Custom Masks

Do you have the talent of sewing clothes and other fabric souvenirs for your loved ones? If you do, you can sell custom or made-to-order masks that people will love. However, be careful as masks need to have at least 3-ply fabric so that it can filter droplets from sneeze or cough.

You can have customers send in their designs for their masks. After all, if the new normal requires everyone to use masks, why not make it trendy and fun to use? Plus, you’ll earn money while obeying quarantine protocols.

e-load business

E-Loading Biz

People nowadays are glued to their phones and other electronic gadgets. To beat the boredom of being in-home quarantine, you only have your TVs, phones and laptops to entertain you. Because of this, people need more electronic mobile load for them to enjoy social media and other video streaming platforms.

Plus, with the dawn of remote work and online schooling, the electronic load is needed more than ever. So, if you’re looking for a side hustle with only a phone, e-loading business is a great place to start.

This pandemic is surely testing everyone’s patience and creativity. No matter how disadvantageous this pandemic is, it is never a reason to succumb in life. You can always take small steps and ask for help from friends and family.

If there’s one thing we can all learn from this pandemic, it pays to be prepared for the inevitable.



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