Talking to Your Kids about Covid-19: Managing Stress and Expectations

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This pandemic has shaken up our world. From the summer picnics to the trips to the beaches, it has been all for naught. What’s worse, our offices, schools, and institutions have been forced to a halt. With this in mind, one’s sense of security and health are being threatened.

For us adults, we have understood the gist of the pandemic. However, for our kids who may not have any idea about this current situation, it can be confusing and unbearable. So, how are we going to break this sad news to them? Follow our tips and tricks below.

Assess What They Know About the Pandemic

School’s out as early as one child can imagine. For some, this is a call to rejoice. But, for some, this isn’t as exciting as they want it to be. To measure how you’re going to approach the situation to your child, better ask them first what they know about it.

Some children would ask about it for a long, long time. In contrast, others don’t seem to be interested. If they know something about the virus, ask them, and correct them.

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Provide Honesty and Reassuring Comfort

Following the child’s lead about the Covid-19 situation, answer whatever queries he may have, and answer with honesty. It is important to reiterate that all of the measures (if ever they ask about the masks, social distancing, and home quarantine) are for everyone’s safety. If they ask how everything is going to get solved, reassuringly tell them that everyone’s doing their part to make the virus go away.

Help Your Child Alleviate the Fear of Covid-19

Now’s the moment to emphasize the importance of healthy living and sanitation. To make your child feel in control and secured despite the situation, educate him about the importance of eating healthily, getting a good night’s sleep, and sanitizing their hands.

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Make Their Routine Exciting and Entertaining

It can be quite a bummer to stay inside your home with no clear agenda of what to do or how to cope. Depending on your child’s age, this is an excellent time to exercise your parenting imagination and put it to the test. You can ask them to help you out on a chore, learn a new hobby with them, or watch a movie to know their preferences in multimedia arts.

Explain How They Can Make Every Family Member Safe

When you try to listen to how your kids react to the news, you’ll notice one wholehearted fact. They tend to worry more about others than themselves. They’ll ask questions of what happens if someone in the family gets infected, or what are the available options for treatment. If you know the answer, answer them with reassurance. If not, tell them honestly. In fact, you can even use the time to read articles together or to bond over something discoverable.

As a final note, every action you must do must be exercised with caution and compassion. Since kids may have a hard time understanding the pandemic and how grave the situation is, you need to understand that there’s a limit to how they react and respond to your questions and statements.



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