What It’s Like to Suffer From Coronavirus

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Since the number of cases regarding the novel coronavirus keeps on rising, we can only imagine how severe and dreadful the disease is. To give us an understanding of what happens if you’ve contracted the disease, here are real-life accounts from those who have experienced it.

Clay Bentley – Rome, Georgia

Considered as a person vulnerable to the disease, Bentley started feeling unwell on March 1 but didn’t get hospitalized until March 6. The reason for rushing into the emergency room? He couldn’t breathe, and he felt his body aching and weakening by the second that he couldn’t even stand.

After 11 days of being confined to the hospital, he was discharged by the doctors.  Then, he has undergone 14-days of home quarantine in a separate room away from other family members.

shortness of breath

Elizabeth Schneider – Washington

As the World Health Organization always reiterates, the Covid-19 exhibits flu-like symptoms. For Schneider’s case, she initially thought it was only the flu until other people that attended a party with her start contracting the flu. It was then that they were all diagnosed as positive for Covid-19.

Todd Herman – New York City

Much like Schneider’s case, Herman thought he was only recovering from flu, only to be devastated by the Covid-19. The biggest telltale of his disease was his shortness of breath. Even when he was only walking from one side of his apartment to another, he would run out of breath.

Aside from the flu-like symptoms, he would also suffer from headaches and mild fatigue. In an interview, Herman told the news, “I can see why this would be very deadly.”

Carl Goldman – Passenger of Diamond Cruise Ship

What started as a fever later accompanied shortness of breath and dry cough. Because of his situation, he was admitted into a biocontainment unit. There, doctors took good care of him. After ten days inside a biocontainment unit, Goldman was moved to a different facility to which he became part of a clinical study.

sick coronavirus

Anonymous – Scotland

For a 50-year old Scottish man, he felt fine until there was an onset of flu. As the flu worsens, he felt chills, then body pains, particularly on his legs. Since he hasn’t undergone swab testing, the symptoms developed into a cough and shortness of breath.

Because of his symptoms, he was admitted into a hospital and spent a few days in the facility. After he recovered, he took another swab test to which resulted in negative.

Final Notes

As the world continues to face the devastation of this pandemic, let us follow health protocols such as: wearing face masks, increased handwashing and sanitation, and physical distancing. Also, avoid getting out of the house if the transaction isn’t necessary to avoid contact with people.

Although it is an unfortunate situation, we must always remember to prioritize our health first. No amount can compensate for a lost life compared to temporary pleasures. Protect your family and loved ones by following health protocols at all times.


Photos: Pexels.com

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