What to Buy on Your Next Supply Run: Quarantine Edition

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You have heard the devastating news. The authorities impose another 15 days of quarantine time in the hopes of flattening the curve. Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world by normalizing social distancing, the use of masks, imposed hygiene measures, and minimal outside movement.

Because people aren’t allowed to roam around without purpose in their hometowns, supply runs are usually done once a week or once every two weeks. These schedules may restrict you from going on many trips in cases that you forget an item. To guide you with the essentials, here’s a quick rundown of must-haves on your next supply run.

New Normal Supply Run

Dry Food

What are these dry food? These food items come with long shelter life. These items can be stored in your cupboard and don’t rot away quickly. Talk about cereal, oats, beans, rice and pasta.

Frozen Food

Quarantine time is perfect for learning a new skill, binging on a TV series or continuing work or school at home. Because of this, food prepping may not be a viable option, especially if you’re already starving. Frozen food is perfect for popping into the microwave for a quick meal.

Canned Goods

These food items are the ones you see most on survival movies. Canned goods offer you food in a flash and ideal for isolation because of its long shelf life. Although it isn’t as tasty as the fresh stuff, with your imagination and kitchen skills, it will work!

Fresh Goods

If you have a fridge, purchasing fresh goods will make sure your items are preserved and fresh longer than its intended shelf life. Meat, fruits, vegetables and eggs are a great option.

Biscuits, Chips and Cupcakes

Going on a supply run isn’t limited to purchasing “zombie apocalypse-supplies.” You can go ahead and buy chips, candies, biscuits and cupcakes for when you want something to munch on while watching movies, reading, or just doing nothing.


Liquids, Water, and Juices

If you purchase distilled water from local supermarkets, make sure to stock an additional week’s consumption for the intended period of use. For example, if you plan to purchase water for one week’s usage, add another week for storage purposes but, avoid hoarding.

It would also help to have coffee and tea for brewing, soda for a fizzy fix, milk, and juice that you can drink when you like.

Grocery Run

Bathroom Essentials

Don’t forget to list down everyone’s choice of shampoo, soap, alcohol or hand sanitizers, lotions, facial wash, and conditioners.

Cleaning Supplies

Bleach, detergent, dishwashing soap, laundry soap and other items you need for cleaning is a must-have, especially when you need to disinfect your home.

Medicinal Supplies and First Aid Kit

Do you have someone in the family that has prescription meds? If you do, better stock on a two-week basis for a guarantee. Also, don’t forget to have a first-aid kit in cases of emergency.

Baby Supplies

Diapers, baby food, formula and baby meds are needed now more than ever. The best thing you can do for this period is to stock it.

Pet Needs

Furbabies need their supplies as well. At this quarantine period, you need to stock on toys, dog food, and litter.

Communication Packs and Internet Supplies

Being isolated in quarantine can be quite lonely and boring. To prevent this, you need to connect with people and drown yourself in entertainment with internet and communication.

This is just your essential checklist for a general supply run. However, you need to be sensitive to other people’s needs, such as the elderly, the children and the women or those who have disabilities.


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