Why You Need to Wear Face Masks Against Covid-19

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As coronavirus cases continue to rise, various health agencies such as the Department of Health advises the public to use face masks. Now that the “new normal” is settling in, people can roam around, continue working and do other essential tasks without much restriction. Because of this, there is an increase in physical interactions that defeats the purpose of a quarantine period.

Since the economic status of the country is at its all-time low and every constituent is at risk of hunger, local government unit heads allow the operation of essential services. With this in mind, local leaders urge the public to wear masks as a precaution against the virus.

Why Wearing Face Masks Minimize Virus Transmission

Coronavirus is spread by saliva droplets of mucus through coughing, sneezing and speaking. If you want to protect yourself from the possible transmission, you must wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose.

More so, face masks protect you in places where social distancing can be an issue. For example, public markets, grocery stores, pharmacies and other areas require you to wear a mask as a safety precaution since you’ll be in contact with people.

Face Mask Shopping

Do I Need Medical-Grade Masks?

If you have cloth masks that you can insert an additional layer of tissue, this is considered by medical authorities as to the best option for the general public. Medical frontliners should utilize surgical masks, N-95, respirators and other medical-grade masks as they are at high risk of exposure to the virus.

What if I Don’t Wear a Face Mask?

By not wearing a face mask, you’re exposing yourself to a possible transmission and possibly infecting others in your home or community. Also, by not following the local regulations of flattening the curve, you’re subject to penalties and potentially, jail time.

How to Properly Wear a Face Mask?

Wearing a face mask comes with a proper set of guidelines to maximize its effectiveness. To make sure you’re wearing a face mask properly, here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Make sure your hands are sanitized before touching the mask. If you don’t have a hand sanitizer or alcohol with you, washing your hands is an effective method.
  2. Assess if your mask is clean and free of stains or funny smell.
  3. If you’re using disposable masks, examine the mask for any holes or any damaged areas. Also, determine which side is top and front as each side has its purpose.
  4. Choose a face mask that fits your face appropriately. A loose face mask won’t protect you from the virus.
  5. An effective face mask should allow you to breathe without any restrictions.

mask virus

Final Notes

Along with wearing a face mask, you must be vigilant of other precautionary measures as well. Practicing physical distancing, strengthening your immune system and going out of the house only when the transaction is essential are among other safety measures that you can follow.

These safety precautions are quite easy to follow, but it does require discipline and sacrifice. However, the sacrifice is necessary for flattening the curve.


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