5 Top-rated Funeral Homes in Cebu City

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Choosing the right funeral home for our loved one can be a tedious job. While you are in the process of mourning, you also would like to give the best funeral service for a family member who joined our Creator.

3 Important Things you need to consider when choosing a funeral home:

1. Budget.

As much as you want to give the best we can for the last time to our deceased family member. However, you have to consider your budget. How much can you afford? You don’t have to empty your pockets or loan money to pay for everything. Remember that you still have to pay for the cemetery lot. So, it’s not only the casket, wake expenses, chapel, funeral vehicle, among other things that you will need to consider. 

2. Casket or Urn.

There are hundreds of designs and materials used in making a casket or urn. Depending on your budget you can choose a solid wood casket with an intricate design. Or, an urn made of clay or silver. You may also inquire at the funeral homes how you can avail for the ‘donated caskets’.

3. Chapel or home service.

Most funeral homes these days have chapels where you can hold the wake. Many people would rather have the funeral homes’ the chapel as it is more convenient. However, it might cost a little bit more. When all of the chapels have been booked or when the cost is too much, you can hold the wake at home. You must know the assistance that the funeral home offers.

Other funeral homes have partnerships with some churches. Catholic churches have chapels that you may use for a fee.

4. Location.

How far is the funeral home from your place cemetery, or church if you wish to take your deceased loved one to the church for the final blessings. Especially in the Philippines, it is somewhat customary to walk from the church to the cemetery. So, you have to consider the location so you can plan the route and can coordinate with the local authorities for the traffic assistance.

cosmopolitan funeral homes

Cosmopolitan Memorial Homes, Lahug, Cebu City.

Here are the five top-rated funeral homes in Cebu City:

1. Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes

Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes is a family run business that specializes in the family care and service since 1950. Cosmopolitan put their customers need first ensuring that they get a world-class service from start to finish.

In Cebu City, Cosmopolitan has two locations. One in Junquera St., and in Lahug. Both locations have chapels available for the wake.

2. St. Francis Memorial Homes

Located along N. Bacalso St., Cebu City, St. Francis Memorial Homes has been a go-to funeral home for over 30 years. It is a family-owned business with a deep desire to serve the people. These days, St. Francis Memorial Homes is serving an average of 4.5 or up to 150 monthly.

They also have locations in Talisay City, Carcar, Toledo and other provinces.

3. St. Peter Chapels

Established on June 6, 1975, St. Peter Chapels and memorial services have continuously gained its popularity in the industry because of their technological innovation like E-Burol, E-Libing, and Tribute. Aside from their top-notch innovation, they most especially take pride of their customer-oriented programs.

Currently, St. Peter Chapels have three locations in Cebu City and with over 280 St. Peter Chapels nationwide.

4. Oriental Funeral Homes

Located along C. Padilla St., Cebu City, Oriental Funeral Homes is striving to serve the average Cebuano who only wants to have a decent funeral service for their deceased family member.

5. Mountain View Funeral Homes

Near the Calamba Cemetery along V. Rama Ave., Mountain View Funeral Homes has been giving memorial services to the Cebuano for over a decade. It has become a preferred funeral service especially those who live around the area as it is just near in the city’s one of the largest cemeteries.

Mountain View Funeral Homes has chapels in Talisay City, Cebu.

funeral service

We always want to give the best to our family up to the end. To lessen our burden, funeral homes offer services and take some of the weights off of your shoulder. Like offering an air-conditioned chapel so that you will have a comfortable wake. Seamless arrangements from flowers, Holy Mass, funeral vehicles and other services that funeral homes offer. With all of these have been taken care of, you can focus on recovering from the loss of a loved one.

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