Funeral Online Services Available in the Philippines

Posted on: Dec 9, 2018 Publish By: funerallink

Filipinos are known for how much we treasure our relationships that we are always ready to cross the bridge to show our support to someone we loved the most.

In 2018, there is an estimated 2.3 million of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), and not to mention that there are millions of Filipinos who are away from their family for work. These days, the internet has made our lives so much easier. Communication is faster, sending presents are more convenient and buying online is becoming a norm.

However, there are days that words aren’t enough such as when a friend needs our sympathy. Saying our condolences feels like not enough and we would like to send more than just words. If you are hundreds of miles away, when a plane ticket is too expensive to buy, the last thing we can do is to send our sympathy through flowers, mass cards, some sweets, and beverages. Then again, there are not a lot of platforms that offer these kinds of service.

Talking about death and how you’d like it to be when the day comes have remained a taboo in the country. Offering a service for a funeral is very challenging especially online. It’s not something that people would like to see on their newsfeed first thing in the morning.

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Here are some companies that offer online services to help the grieving family:

Funerallink allows you to get a funeral service online. If you like to help a friend to pay for the funeral service, you can book a funeral home. This service is new in the Philippines and it’s the only platform available in the country so far. Their aim is to help people find a funeral home and book the service in just one place. The best thing is there is no additional cost for you. It is convenience right on your fingertips during this very sensitive time in your life and to the people you love.

Not only you can book funeral services online, but you can also now send flowers or fruit basket through PhilFlower. You may choose the sizes, colors and the kind of flower to be sent. The same goes for the fruit basket.

When you chose to get a Mass card, you can have one at Kalidades or an E-mass card from our Jesuit brothers.

Services offered by MyTindahan if you are living in the Visayas, or HonestBee if you are living around Metro Manila, they allow you to send food and beverages that are appropriate during the wake and viewing service. Such as sweets, biscuits, juice, tea, coffee, and creamer.

These kinds of services not only help you and a grieving friend to save ample time but also, it offers a lot of conveniences. Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes, for example, has already included in their funeral package to process all the documents you need when a loved one passed away. You don’t need to visit all the government agencies to procure the legal papers needed.

For a friend or a relative who is miles away, it will lessen the feeling of being sorry of not being physically present during this time of need. Send flowers, food, or even pay for the funeral service to make you feel better and your loved one most especially.

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