Sunday Feels: Filipino Traditions That Define a Filipino

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Traditions bond Filipinos all around the world. Whether it’s the accent of a dialect from a particular province, the “mano po” greetings that the youngsters do as an acknowledgment of the elders, Filipinos can quickly identify true-blooded Filipinos through their actions.

Because of this, we’ll be revisiting common Filipino traditions that have set us apart from other people around the world. Let’s walk down on memory lane, fellow Filipino!

Sundays are for Church

Filipinos are known to be religious. They celebrate Christian festivities and sets aside a day for worship. Passed down from generation to generation, Sundays have become a hallmark for a family to celebrate their faith and love to the Almighty God. Furthermore, they acknowledge Sunday as a rest day. Filipinos love to wind down on a Sunday and enjoy bonding moments with their families.

Mano Po!

Whenever it gets dark (6 PM in particular), children of every household needs to greet the elderly and their parents by kissing their arm and asking their hand to be put on their foreheads. This is the Filipino way of greeting and respecting the elderly. The action accompanied by an expression, “mano po,” is a staple on Filipino traditions.

Treating Guests Like Their Family

Filipinos treat their guests to the most hospitable manner in the world. This is why Filipinos are known for their hospitality. People would say that when a Filipino takes care of you, you are taken care of like a brother, a son, and a member of the family. Filipinos love to make their guests at home.

Courtship Involves an Iconic Serenade

Many Filipino folk songs were written that relate to the matters of the heart. Filipinos bask in love and union. Filipinos are downright romantic. Because Filipinos master the art of wooing, it has been a part of their tradition to serenade a lady. Yes, the iconic moment when a man brings a guitar and even some friends to help him set up the perfect tune to ask a lady out for a date. This tradition still never goes out of style.

Feasting and Home-Cooked Goodness

If there’s one notable thing about Filipinos, it is that they love to eat! You can see it in their celebration of birthdays, fiestas, baptisms, weddings, and more! When there’s a celebration, there’s a grand table of food waiting for visitors to chow down. Plus, when you visit a household, you’ll be embraced with aromatic fumes of home-cooked meal waiting for you.

Honoring the Dead

For the Filipinos, death is a tragic moment to call on friends, family, and loved ones home. They follow a tradition of holding a wake where people get to visit the deceased one first and several religious rituals as part of their commemoration.

Which Filipino tradition is a total Filipino take away for you? Have you experienced any of the traditions mentioned above? Which one is the most Filipino for you? Let us know in the comments section below.



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